Where should I collect my water from?

By Derik Ng – www.morph-outdoors.com


Out of the rule of thirds of survivability, our body can only last as long as 3 days without water and any further would have caused severe dehydration. Now that you have invested in your brand-new outdoor filter, do you know where to collect water to stay hydrated?

Look for animal tracks such as bees, ants, and flies

Herbivores are usually animals that are never too far away from water. Having found these animals are usually clear indications that water is present near you. Carnivores or meat-eating animals are usually poorer indication of water because they derive liquid from the blood they consume.

River collection

If you are collecting water from a river, always try to draw water from the middle where the water runs the fastest, therefore the cleanest. Be cautious with still water, especially if it is devoid of green plants and smells foul. Those are signs that the water may be contaminated.

Water from plants

A plant’s roots draws water up from the ground and distribute it around the whole plant. You can harvest this valuable liquid by covering a leafy part of the plant with a black plastic bag, seal it tightly and leave it for a while. Drinkable water will collect through condensation inside the bag. The amount of water collected depends on the amount of leaves you can cover.

Rainwater harvesting

Depending on the season you are collecting rainwater, rainwater can be a reliable source of water. Collect rainwater by spreading out a tarpaulin to widen your surface area of collection and collect the rainwater with a bucket or a simple wide mouth water bottle.

It is important to always remain hydrated and look for clear signs of dehydration such as dark urine, headaches, irritability, fatigue, nausea and ringing in your ears. It is also a good practice to always filter any water source collected and purify if you have the capability. 

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