What should you do while preparing for a kayak camp expedition?

By Derik Ng – www.morph-outdoors.com

 A kayak camp expedition is as similar as a normal back packing trip that you would normally embark on. However, there are differences that we must not neglect and pay close attention to before embarking the waters. Here are 5 important things that you must be aware before embarking on a kayak camp.

Know your route

Unlike hiking, kayaking opens endless opportunities for explorers to explore the big sea. However, it is important for us to study the routes that we’re planning to embark on and always let our close ones informed. It is also a good practice to inform local forces before participating in your trip to let them have a heads up. While planning your route, look for key features such as landing areas, shallow waters, crosswinds, potential water traffic, and nearby shelter islands. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the route before entering the water.

Study the tide table

Study the tide tables by looking them up online and understand what time the tide changes. Different tides can mean very different things for your journey. Tides also change our itinerary in terms of launching and docking. Some beaches in the west coast of Malaysia are prone to have very minimal land during high tides and very extensive amounts of land during low tides. You do not want to end up dragging your kayak through a 100-meter sandpit in short.

Train yourself physically and mentally

Kayaking is a test of endurance and the sea decides on its own weather. Unlike hiking where you could stop and rest at any time, kayaking in the sea might differ depending on your environment and weather. Moments such as battling high surface currents or being in a hazard zone may not allow you to stop, so be sure that you are in the right shape to kayak before hitting the waters.

 Minimize your packing equipment

As much as we love to bring all our camping and kayaking equipment with us, it is important to always think ahead and minimize the risk of losing your equipment to sea. The more weight you put on the boat essentially means the harder you would have to paddle to make the boat move. So be picky on what you would like to bring and make sure they fit into the hatches of the kayak boat. The best boats for these expeditions are sea touring kayaks with large storage compartments.

Store your equipment in different dry bags

It is important to keep yourself and your kayak organized. Pack your equipment in different tiers and label them in different dry bags. Overall, have multiple small dry bags rather than a big one for this. Generally, 10-15 liter dry bags for each category are good enough to store items such as clothes, electronics, kitchen equipment, food, and much more. Having multiple dry bags also allows you to keep the kayak boat balanced, giving you a better overall experience.


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