What if another global lockdown pandemic happens? What should you do to prepare yourself?

Never in the 21st century would anyone thought of a global lockdown and never did anyone thought how it would impact the lives of many. Although the Covid-19 pandemic had acted many negative implications to our society, but there are many lessons that we can take away from it to be prepared for the next lockdown.

  • Create a sustainable home (food)

We have all witnessed how difficult buying a loaf of bread could be during the times of MCO when it first begun, and we all understand how important it is to be prepared with food at home. But if you can’t buy food outside, what should you do? Start looking up at plant-based meals that you can prepare and begin planting on your own. Look up methods that can help you plant with the given property area that you have. If you live in a landed property, you could probably plant it through the earth that is naturally provided. If you are living in an apartment or condominium, start looking at hydroponic options to plant food. However, it is always best to prepare your home with adequate amount of non-perishable food that would last for at least a month.

  • Create a sustainable home (electricity)

Although this did not happen during the times of MCO, but it is always good to ponder about the issue of electricity. For hardcore preppers, a lightweight electric generator has always been the best option to combat this problem if it ever occurs. However, this method of preparation to combat the issue of electricity is not often being used by many urban preppers because it is expensive to own and it is not a renewable source that you can depend on the long run. Another option that can save your home is to install renewable energy sources such as solar powered electrical appliances. Solar power panels can be widely found in the market nowadays and it can even act as an USB charger for your battery powered items.

  • Learn self-reliance skills

During the times of MCO, many individuals had decided to open themselves to the option of learning new skills such as cooking, baking, creating DIY projects and much more. It is natural for individuals to learn during times as such since many services have been put to a halt. But to really prepare yourself to the next level of pandemic preparation, learn some outdoor self-reliance skills such as starting a fire from scratch, first aid, sourcing clean water sources, and much more that will contribute your time during lockdown better. These skills can be beneficial for anyone since they are invaluable skills that can help save a life or make life simple. Just imagine if your house ran out of cooking gas, it would have been great if you knew how to manage firewood to cook your simple meals. Sometimes, learning the basics of old school is not a bad thing either.

  • Improve your physical fitness

You do not need a gym to stay fit, matter of fact your will to stay fit will always keep you fit. Put yourself through a physical fitness routine to keep your body in shape and healthy all times. Keeping a good balance and healthy lifestyle can help you stay away from the doctors and benefit you from performing physical tasks whenever needed. Asides from that, a lockdown in the 21st century could be utterly boring and staying fit by doing simple workout exercises from Youtube could be an amazing activity to do with family members to keep yourself entertained. In its worst case scenario, having good physical fitness could help you run away from the tigers in the wild if you ever have to, so why not?



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