Prepare yourself with the right car-recovery kit. (TIER-5 Packing)

By Derik Ng –


26th October 2020

Planning on taking the family up for another wild adventure with your car?  Here are a few things that you do not want to miss out on in your packing list. Matter of fact always practice good habits of bringing these items along with you.

  1. Jumper cables

A heavy-gauge set of good jumper cables and a second vehicle can get your car running in the event that your battery has lost its charge.

2. Tow Strap

If you’re planning on entering muddy or sandy areas, consider bringing nylon tow strap. In an event where you find yourself stuck in a pit, you can use a second vehicle to pull you out from trouble. This is commonly seen at beaches and muddy side parking lots.

3. Road flares

This gives you the advantage to be seen by other drivers on the road. Chances if you’re out for a weekend adventure getaway, you’ll probably be out in rural areas where there isn’t a lot of streetlight. Being seen is the best prevention for another accident.

4. Reflective signs

Road flares have a lifespan depending on it’s battery capacity. So having reflective signs in your car or on your car gives you another advantage over being seen. It is also a self-sustainable material that does not depend on any power sources.

5. Water

It is best to practice having spare water filled with bottles that are BPA free rating. This allows you to drink up if you ever run out of water or to help fix radiator issues.

6. Socket Set

Usually provided by car manufacturers, it is great to double-check the sizes and familiarize yourself with the equipment provided in the set.

7. Duct Tape

Get good quality duct tapes that are water and heat resistant. This allows you to make quick patch on repairs and is perfect for many other usages too.

8. Spare tire

Usually provided by car manufacturers, it is also good to always check on your spares and ensure that it has the right amount of air in it. Ensure that the quality of the tire is still in good condition before proceeding long journeys.

9. Luminating device with spare batteries

Either torchlights or headlamps would do great for your car. It is always handy to have light in the dark and this allows you to look into the engine compartment or find missing items under your seats. We have found lights with magnetic bases useful during car repair situations because it latches onto the car’s body easily and allows you to work efficiently.

10. Tire iron & Jack

The tire iron will be needed to break loose the nuts that hold a tire in place. The jack will be needed to raise and lower the vehicle to complete a tire change or other repairs.

11. Cable Ties

Perfect to assemble and connect parts of the car such as bumpers during an emergency. It is also a perfect tool to help with any activities that you’re performing.

12. First Aid Kit

Chances if you have to repair a car, you might also have to patch a person up. Having the right first aid kit and knowledge can help save a life and it contains many useful survival items too.

13. Fire extinguisher

Small fires in a vehicle can be put out by unloading a fire extinguisher at their base. But make sure to check the ratings of your fire extinguisher before putting out the fire. Different fire extinguisher ratings have different abilities to put out different types of fires.

14. Non-perishable food

Always comes in handy, whether if you’re stuck in traffic or in the middle of nowhere. Your body needs energy and high protein food such as peanut butter are excellent choices to keep in your car. Just make sure to seal it tight to keep the roaches and rodents away.

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