It’s an emergency, its time for a bail-out kit

By Derik Ng –


A bail-out kit should be something that every outdoorist carry. The bail-out kit is a simple set of equipment and tools that you can carry to survive in the jungle if an unforeseen situation that requires you to ditch your main carry bag happens. This kit should consist of items that can prolong your chance of survival in the jungle and should be small enough to carry comfortably around.

Here are things that should be in the bail-out kit:


An metal box to store all the necessary equipment inside in an organized manner. The metal can be used as a mess tin if required, store food and water, or even to make charred cloth when needed.

Cutting tools

A simple foldable cutting tool card would allow tasks such as skinning or cutting meat when required. To tag along, a wire chainsaw included inside the package to process wood.

Combustion device

A ferrocerium rod and emergency spare batteries could be used to light up fires with the right method. The spare batteries could be used to light up fire while connected with the wire saw or aluminium foil.

First Aid

Gauze rolls, alcohol swabs and tampons are included inside the kit to be used during emergencies such as covering up wounds, arresting bleeding, and much more.

Hunting sharps

A multitool card that consists of spears, fishing hooks and a saw. This multitool provides the ability to hunt for wildlife for food.


A heliograph mirror. Chances of you being able to scream and call for rescue are slim after a couple days lost in the wilderness. A heliograph mirror or known as a signal mirror gives you the advantage to communicate with air rescuers from a distance.

Touch n go card wrapped with duct tape

An urban currency that can be used to purchase goods and travel on. The duct tape also can be used to make quick repairs when needed or could be used as tinder when required.

Aluminium foil

The aluminium foil extends your capabilities to cook or store food in the wilderness. It can also act as another signal mirror if a larger surface area is needed to contact rescuers.

Hexamine Blocks

With hexamine blocks wrapped inside of the aluminium foil can be used as extra fuel whenever needed.

Lumination device

A small and compact headlamp allows you to perform your tasks during the nights. A headlamp gives you the ability to have your hands free from the equipment so you would be able to perform your tasks with both hands. The spare batteries should also be compatible with your lumination device.

Button Compass

The Suunto button compass would be able to provide you the general directions that you should be travelling on. Generally, in Peninsula Malaysia, if you ever get lost you would want to travel towards the west or look for any nearby rivers to follow downstream to search for civilizations. With most of the developments in Malaysia being developed on the west coast, you should be able to hit civilization while travelling towards this direction.

P38 Can Opener 

A simple and sturdy military can opener to perform simple can opening tasks. 

Dental Floss

Asides from using the dental floss for its intended purpose, it could also be used for extra cordage for tasks such as fishing, small trapping games and much more. 

Unforeseen emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, but you can prepare yourself to escape from these situations. 

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