The Malaysian tropical rainforest is famous for being one of the toughest terrains in the world and there are many reasons for that claim. Many day hikers and experienced adventurers have found themselves trapped in a survival situation in these terrains over history and there are many reasons why it has happened.
Being an outdoor enthusiast and instructor, I’ve been exposed to many risks that could have potentially caused a survival situation but here are things that you can do to prevent these rainforest disasters from happening.

Plan and prepare ahead (Leave No Trace Principle 1)

Have a plan
Having a plan gives you a significant advantage to avoid a disaster from happening. Plan things such as:

  • Equipment: Plan the appropriate amount of gear that you are willing to carry and always check on the conditions of your gear. The last thing you want is a piece of failing equipment in the jungle.

Flat Lay of Survival Equipment
  • Things that I pack in my bag for starters 11C’s
    o Cutting tool
    o Combustion devices
    o Cover
    o Cordage
    o Container
    o Compass
    o Clothing
    o Candling device
    o Cargo
    o Combination tools
    o Calories


  • Fitness: Choose a track or route that is suitable for your personal fitness. If you’re planning for something big and challenging, give yourself some time to prepare and train your personal fitness.
  • Knowledge: Learn how to use your equipment to its fullest potentials and understand the tracks before entering it.
  • Skills: be prepared with outdoor skills such as navigation, first aid, bushcrafting and much more that will help you survive a survival situation if ever needed.
  • Weather: Study weather patterns and retrieve weather forecast data. Always assess your weather condition and do not be afraid to say no to the hike or adventure even if it is booked. There is always another time for it if mother nature does not permit.
  • Contact: Make sure that your family and friends know about your trip with significant details. Always leave a plan with them so they know where to get you.
  • Companionship: Always practice a good habit of entering the rainforest with a partner. The ideal group size for hikes are usually 4 persons. This gives the group the ability to split up if ever needed without being alone to prevent prevailing disasters from happening.

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