How to pack your bag for your next great adventure?

By Derik Ng –


15th October 2020

We all know that an adventure starts with a picture of a rugsack / bagpack, camera, comfy pair of shoes, earphones and some travel tools. However, many people are still unaware of the great potential of a hiking / travel bagpack and are under utilising it. Here are 6 tips for you to improve your bagpacking skills for your next adventure whether if its for urban or rural.

1)      Every bagpack is different, treat it like a T-Shirt

When you look for a bagpack, make sure that it is the right size in volume and the right fit for your body. Get the salesman/women to measure your torso length and determine the size of bagpack that you should be carrying. 

2) Organize your equipment and essential items on a flat lay before putting them inside the bag

It is important for you to visualize your equipment and understand what goes where. You do not want to end up digging through your entire pack to find a little stick of lip balm. Also, during this time, ask yourself whether do you need these items before putting it into the bag.

3) Start packing it into the appropriate columns / sections of the bag

Begin packing your equipment into the bag by following the image above. Basically, the bottom section should consist of soft and cushion items, followed by heavier items in the middle, and less heavier items on the top of the rucksack. The key idea is to have the middle of your back to bear the most load. Remember to also think about items that you would love to have fast access to such as a torchlight, keys, power bank and much more. You would typically put them in places that could provide easy access.

4) Comply the ABC’s of bagpacking

A means Accessibility, you would want to have access to your items and know where they are in your bag. B means Balance, you would want the weight ratio between left and right to be as balanced as possible to avoid your bagpack from tilting. C means compressed, make sure that your bag is tightly secured with little spaces inside it to prevent items from moving around. This would help your travels better.

5) Put on your bag

As simple as it sounds, putting on your bag and strapping it on makes a huge difference. Make sure to loosen all of the straps first, then buckle up your waist belts and tighten, followed by tightening your shoulder straps and last your sternum strap. The key here is to get the weight of the pack to your pelvis. If the pelvis is the largest bone in your body, why not make use of it.

6) Have fun!

Make sure to have fun while you’re on your adventure! If your bagpack is causing pain to your body, make sure to take it off gently and assess the problem. A general rule of thumb of bagpacking is that you would not want to carry a bag that is a quarter of your weight. Also make sure that the straps are properly fastened!

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