10 cool things you could do with a space blanket / emergency blanket / mylar blanket

By Derik Ng – www.morph-outdoors.com


26th October 2020

Do you have a space/emergency/Mylar blanket in your to go pack? Asides from its names that different region recognizes it, it is a useful and multipurpose item that plays an important role during your survival. These blankets have the ability to morph into many different survival staples. Here are 10 different ways you could use Mylar blankets in your environment.


A busted arm can be cradled in a sling improvised from the space blanket. Fold it into a large triangle shape and tie it around the patient’s neck to make a warm and effective support.

Water Carrier

Line a container with a space blanket to make a water transport. You can line baskets, backpacks, bags, and pretty much anything else.

Trail Marker

If you ever get lost, cut out short strips and tie them onto tree branches, bushes or trails to let others know that you have walked this way. It’s reflective surface makes it easy for rescuers to identify.


You can use an emergency blanket to fashion a makeshift sling to help better immobilize a broken or sprained arm or use it as a tourniquet in an extreme emergency. Use strips of it to tie sticks to a leg or arm create a splint for injured limbs. It can also act as an impromptu compression bandage if needed as well.

Rain Catcher

The waterproof nature of this plastic blanket makes it an ideal rain harvester. All you have to do is either dig a hole or place it on top of a frame like how you would normally set your fly sheet on. Now you’ll just have to wait for rain to come.


Using the blanket as a piece of rain gear can be a game-changer especially in places where precipitation is abundant and your supply of rain gear is low.


The reflective or coloured side of the space blanket can be staked out on the ground as a signal panel or hoisted onto a pole to create a highly visible, portable signal flag.

Tent / Shelter

Tent and shelter configurations abound when you’re dealing with a strong flexible piece of rectangular material. Use a large blanket as an A-frame shelter, a wedge-shaped hut, or a dome tent.


Use the blanket for its intended purpose. Wrap up in it to stave off the cold, treat shock and manage hypothermia.


Cut a few long, thin strips off the sides of the blanket and twist or braid them into pieces of cordage. You can also fashion longer ropes by cutting a spiral pattern from round or oval blanket sections.

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